David & The Cats


This week it has been very snowy and very dark outside. The sun actually never comes up. We won’t see the sun again until late January.

Since we were feeling a little under the weather, Zoe thought it was a good idea to plop us down in front of the TV and watch David Attenborough talking about birds!

And it actually turned out to be quite a lot of fun! Check it out:

That was fun! It was even fun when thought that the birds had flown behind the TV, and then when we went to check if they were there, we of course felt real stupid!

Yeah! And David is so good at explaining stuff!

Mhm, I know.

*Winks at Lola*

What’s that supposed to mean?!?

Oh, nothing… It’s just that it’s so obvious that you have a thing for him.

WHAT!? Naha!

Oh, just admit it!

Well, alright… I call dibs!



Male donkeys are called jacks and females are called jennets or jennies. Donkeys are very social and usually live in a group called a herd. The herd is usually lead by one jack and consists of several jennies in the wild.



Cat Collars


This week- actually all summer- we have been catching and eating a LOT of birds.

We were really proud of ourselves! One day I caught 4 birds in one day! We figured Zoe and her parents would be really impressed! But no, this is the conversation that we overheard between Zoe and her Mom:

Zoe: Mom! Sasha brought in another bird!

Mom: Holy moly!

Zoe: Well, at least she’s eating it.

Mom: I guess the more birds she eats, the less cat food she eats. And cat food is made out of animals who probably had quite a bad life.

[Yeah, that’s right! We should eat more birds and less boring cat food!]

Zoe: And we love animals, so is it better that our cats eat wild birds or cat food made from domestic animals who may have suffered during their lives?

[Wild birds is obviously the correct answer!]

Mom: I don’t know. Another thing to think about is that cats don’t naturally live up here, so far north. Cats are predators that we humans have introduced to this area. Is that fair on the birds around here? What do you think, Zoe?

Zoe: That’s a tough question… I think we should get them cat collars with bells on them.


Mom: Ok, I’ll get the collars tomorrow. This will be the third time we’ve put bell collars on them. May be this time they’ll stay on for more than a day!

This conversation did not go the way we were hoping. AT ALL!

So the next day we got collars. A pink one for Sasha and a yellow one for Lola.

Here is are some pictures of me wearing mine:

And here is a picture of mine. It took me about 30 hours to scratch, destroy and get it off my neck:


Oh well, Lola, the most important thing is that I have my collar on, because I killed the most birds, you hardly killed any! 


Some male song birds sing more that 2000 times each day!


Royal Visit


Today Norway’s King and Queen came to Tromsø (where we live) to cheer on the annual midnight sun marathon! Apparently it is not allowed for cats to run in the marathon, otherwise we would be running right now.

Here is a picture of the King and Queen: The Queen is wearing the red poncho and the King is wearing a dark gray coat.


If you were a king what rules would you make, Sasha? 

Well, Lola, if I were king I would say that it is not allowed to put your bird feeder higher up than 3 feet!

Oh, I bet I know what made you think of that!


You are probably thinking about the new birdfeeder that Zoe’s dad put up right outside hanging from the roof above the balcony.

Yeah! That thing is driving me absolutely crazy!

You and me both, Sasha!

And the birds that come and eat at the feeder are the most annoying little things that come and go as fast as bullets!


And here is a picture of Lola just waiting for one of those birds to fly into her mouth:



A bird’s plumage usually weighs more than its skeleton.