The Blue Square


This morning we were taking a nap and we woke up peacefully in Zoe’s bed. It started off very normal, but then we heard Zoe calling us from upstairs.


We ran upstairs expecting a treat, but to our surprise we saw a LARGE…. BLUE…. SQUARE!

We had heard all about the blue squares. But we had never actually seen one in real life. The myths and stories have been going around for centuries. You step into a large blue square and you NEVER come back!

One thing was for sure: we were not going to be stupid and go into that blue square.

We want to warn our readers about the blue quare. Please, if you have been visited by the horriffic blue square, then do not go inside those deadly blue lines.



The closest relatives of the hippopotamus are whales and dolphins.


This is the only known cat that has been inside the large blue sqare and miraculously escaped, but you can see the after-effects:

10 thoughts on “The Blue Square

  1. Lola and Sasha
    You two Smarties, you really are able to think out of the box, knowing what will happen to cats that step info the square, without having tried it yourself. Maybe you can help Zoe solve this puzzle, in Danish: en rebus.

    🍭🍫🍬 Life,
    After April 📙-rnal ✋🏻-nd 🐦-do 🍍-nanas 🐦-do+ 🌧-ain+y 😊 🎂🇳🇴,
    🥗-slad 🍋-itrus+🎸-guitar+e +b+🐀+📱-phone🔛 🌨-ner 👨‍👩‍👧 & 🍟-es+ 🔚+s
    🐟-sh+ll+🛏-b 🌨-ner 🦈-le+ 🍵-a+☘️-clo b+💍+s 📙-rnal 🕹- stick
    🎭-atre 🎃- pump +d 🚣🏻-rw+f 🕹-stick, t+🎩 🍷-wi+☘️-clo 👭-fri.


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  2. No not the dreaded Blue-muda Rectangle! You are lucky to have escaped with your tails.
    Praise to Star Clan .
    Nym and Dimitri
    Uncle Torben wanted to come back in his next life as a Hippopotamus.

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