Helping Out Coldplay


We have been listening to Zoe bragging about the fact that she has been in some music videos. Well, we just want everyone to know that we have also been in some music videos! As a matter of fact we have actually been in a bunch of Coldplay videos!  Chris Martin asked us when he visited us last time.

How do you like that, Zoe?

I have been in a music video for the song called the Scientist:



And I have been in a music video for the song Up and Up and another one called Every Tear Drop Is a Waterfall:



Sasha, do you think it’s fun being in these music videos?

Well, yeah, but you know, it’s a lot of work.

Yeah, I don’t mind doing Chris and the guys a favour, but I hope they don’t ask us again too soon!

I agree, that would be asking A LOT!


In Alaska it is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they’re moose hunting.


4 thoughts on “Helping Out Coldplay

  1. I’ve watched those videos a thousand times but never realized the cats were you two. Kudos to your amazing abilities to get in character. You both look taller on film.


    • Thumbs uo for thumbs- cats…. and Lola and Sasha…for your ” Fingerspitzgefühl”, always in time for flashing yourself to the world- audience.


      • Mette!
        Don’t tell Zoe about our evolving thumbs! We are waiting for the right moment to come out to her about this situation. Zoe is gonna be SO surprised!
        L&S 😉


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