Steps Towards Weirdness


This week I have been observing Lola’s “special” sairs climbing method.

Our early readers might remember that we have a staircase outside so we can climb up from the garden onto our balcony and then from there we can go inside through the cat flap in the balcony door.

What fascinates me about Lola’s method is that instead of jumping from side to side up the stair, she always at a certain point jumps straight upwards, skipping a step and making it very difficult for herself. Check it out here:

Do you guys see what I mean?

Oh, Sasha, don’t you get why I do it that way?

Is there a reason?

Of course! It is because that way I can stay in shape! Haven’t you ever noticed how ripped my upper body is?

Well, I guess now that you say it, I think I am noticing it now.

It’s not only you that works out, you know! I’m a lean mean stair-climbing machine!


Flamingos are pink because of beta-carotene in the crustaceans and plankton that they eat.


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