A Chat with Chris Martin



This week our good friend Chris Martin stopped by. We haven’t seen him in a while. So it was nice to catch up!

Us: So Chris, Coldplay is on a world tour promoting the latest album. Being on the road a lot – does that take its toll on your relationship with your pets?

Chris: Well, yes and no. It is healthy to spend a little time apart once in a while. It makes you appreciate the time you have with them even more. Sometimes they come and visit me while I’m on tour. They were just visiting me in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Us: How do you keep in touch with your pets while you’re on the road.

Chris: We skype a lot in my free time.

Us: Is it true that some of your songs have been inspired by your pets?

Chris: Oh, yeah! For example the song Green Eyes was inspired by my cat that I had as a child. Her name was Honey.

Us: Oh, that is really neat! We really like the song Paradise and the video for it! It’s great that you are making such a statement on behalf of zoo animals.

Chris: To tell you the truth, I really just wanted an excuse for running around in an elephant costume!

Us: Well, thanks for stopping by Chris! But don’t forget to give Zoe those free tickets to the concert in Foxboro that you promised!


The smell of a skunk can be detected by a human a mile away.


5 thoughts on “A Chat with Chris Martin

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