Black Cat


We have been hearing about Zoe’s camping trip to Africa! She saw lions, elephants, giraffes and so many other animals.

One of the things that really caught our attention was when she told us that she met a stray cat who seemed to live at the hotel where they stayed for a few days.

According to Zoe it was an old black male, and he would come to the outside breakfast (where Zoe and her parents were the only ones there) and just sit quietly beside the table and just look up at one of them.

Apparently he would never miaw or even try to touch Zoe and her parents.

If they didn’t give him any food then he would just quietly walk away, without standing around for long. But usually they did give him something to eat. Sometimes they would save their dinner leftovers and bring them to breakfast for him. Then he would eat really fast and then disappear.

When Zoe and her parents were in Botswana 3 years ago the same cat was there.

We are glad that they all had a fun time in Africa, but we are not by far, interested in going there. We think it’s much better just to watch Africa from a distance. Or on tv:


Four of the five fastest land animals in the world are found on the African continent.


7 thoughts on “Black Cat

  1. To paraphrase Casablanca “This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.” What a lucky baby.

    I agree Sasha and Lola, Africa is a place best enjoyed from afar if you’re a cat. Which you are.
    Auntie Hanne


  2. Am amazed that they met and fed the same African cat three years later….. maybe they could bring you to with them to Africa next time? Ask nicely. By for now. Alison


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