3 Wishes


We have been wondering what our three wishes would be if we got three wishes.

So, Lola, what would your three wishes be?

Well, Sasha, my three wishes would be snow all year round, an endless supply of fresh grass, and last world peace!

No! Not world peas, world peace!


That’s more like it!

Hey! I was going to say world peace!

You were not!

Yes, I was! No, you weren’t! You stole my wish! NO! YES! NO YES!

Oh, come on, Sasha, we are fighting over world peace! This is just silly.

Yeah, I agree.

But, Sasha, what would your three wishes be?

Can I say world peace?

No, I said world peace so you can’t.

Fine. My three wishes would be a robot that will pet me all day, that the house will be filled with cat beds and no war in the world.

Seriously, Sasha? No war in the world is almost the same as world peace.

Yeah, I know but it is not exactly the same as saying world peace.


Cats can drink seawater. Unlike humans, cats have kidneys that can filter out salt and use the water content to hydrate their bodies


2 thoughts on “3 Wishes

  1. I think the two of you have trained Zoe to be quite an animal psychologist… 🎓 She knowns exaaaactly what each if you think, and the games you play with each other. 😸🙀😼😸
    What about the two of you… Are you candidates for human psychology? What do you think is Zoe’s internal dialogue when she he hears the two of you tease each other…😮😱🤐😴😰😕😭👻


  2. The thing is that Zoe doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. So when she sees us two fighting she gets a taste of how it is to be siblings. We think we can teach human psychologists a thing or two!
    L&S 😉


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