A Cat by Any Other Name


We have (like all other much-loved cats) some nicknames. Some are weirder than others, but since you are our faithful readers we thought you should  know them.

Zoe and I call Lola these nicknames: Lulu, Lolita and Lols. It’s a little pathetic that that is the best you could come up with. Wait til you see the nicknames I’ve made for Sasha. Ooo, I’m really scared!

Zoe and I call Sasha these nicknames: Sashula, Sushi, Sashita, Sashi and best of all (the one Sasha hates most) Sashi-Bashi. That last one needs some explanation:

Sashi-Bashi: In Japanese “Sashi means, ‘to pierce’. It is bad manners to poke food with the points of the chopsticks as if they were a fork. Commonly this is seen in those touch and go situations where people are trying to pick up food that is difficult to hold by stabbing it in a spear-like fashion.” This is considerd terrible manners! Find out more about how not to make a complete fool of yourself when dining in Japan at this cool website:


There is another meaning to Sasha’s nickname: the Norwegan word for poop is ”bæsj”, which sounds exactly like ”bash”. So calling Sasha Sashi-Bashi is like calling her Sasha-poopy in English. You can see why she hates it!

You might be wondering what we call Zoe then? Well, Zoe’s nickname is Miao.


The maneki-neko a common Japanese figurine which is believed to bring good luck. The maneki-neko is also called the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, beckoning cat, or fortune cat in English.

I am Zoe’s maneki-neko!


You know what they say: after some years a pet and its owner start to look alike!

2 thoughts on “A Cat by Any Other Name

  1. Hi Sasha and Lola
    Danish nicknames often have “mus” as suffix. “Mus” meaning “mouse”. Glad to hear that none of you are exposed to the the other as a ” mouse”: Sashamus” or Lolamus”. 🐀
    Greetings with milk and fish


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