Favorite and Forbidden Rooms


We’ve been thinking about telling you guys something about our favorite rooms in our house.

My favorite room is, of course, the living room because I control the couch and the TV 🙂 . How do you control the TV? I have my methods. Yeah right!


This is also where the humans usually hang out, so it is the perfect place to get some lap time!

My favorite room is Zoe’s bedroom, because it’s cozy, a great place to take a cat nap and when Zoe comes to bed, I get a lovely cuddle. And because it’s the only place I let Lola “dominate” 🙂 .


Now we’ve told you about our favorite rooms, so now it’s time to introduce:


Dah-dah-daaaaaaa!!!! Oh, come on don’t you think the picture was enough!?!

The bathroom:


We love the bathroom because it’s very warm in there and the floor is heated. Or at least that’s why I like it. Other cats have other reasons. What is that supposed to mean? Oh, nothing, only that a certain other cat who shall remain nameless has been known to drink out of the toilet. It’s not a secret, Sasha. Everyone knows I’m that cat, and I’m proud of it! Wow, what a thing to be proud of.

The grown-ups’ bedroom:


This room has one thing in it: a big bed with fluffy eiderdowns and pillows. It would be just perfect for us, but for some crazy reason we’re not allowed in there.

The attic/guest-room/office:


This little room has lots of cool hiding places. But we’re not allowed in here either, unfortunately. Surprise, surprise!


About 96 percent of cat owners allow their cats to sleep in the bedroom!


2 thoughts on “Favorite and Forbidden Rooms

  1. Well, Lola and Sasha, have you ever forbidden Zoe to enter YOUR territoria, and honestly speaking – have you never ever tried to sneak into the forbidden rooms? Can’t wait to hear your sweet confessions, sweet darlings….


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