Camera Trapping


This week we have been helping Zoe’s mom test her camera traps. She is going on a trip to Zanzibar soon so we decided to help her by pretending to be wild animals that her camera trap could take pictures of.

I was a leopard. And I was a lion.

Some of you might not know what a camera trap is. Well, it is a camera that you can set up in the woods to take pictures of animals. It has a sensor so that it automatically takes a picture of anything that has bodyheat or moves in front of it. This way a human doesn’t need to be at the location of the camera while it takes pictures or video 24 hours a day.

Here are the pictures that Zoe and her mom got of us from camera 1:


And these were the ones that they got from camera 2:

It will be exciting to see what pictures Zoe’s mom will get of Zanzibar’s wild life!


In 2003 Zoe’s mom and dad were the first people to get photographs of a live Zanzibar servaline genet.

Here is one of the pictures of the genet:




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