Fairry Sized


We have been thinking of what it would be like if Zoe was as tiny as a fairy! We have used this same theme in other blog posts, but you guys can’t seem to get enough of it! Now Zoe is the one who has changed her size for the better!


Isn’t that crazy? We think it’s pretty cool.

What if that could one day be a reality…

Yeah, then we could carry Zoe around everywhere and she could ride on our backs as if we were huge horses!



The world’s oldest cat was a tortie and she reached the age of 27 years!!!




4 thoughts on “Fairry Sized

  1. Zoe, what are the pros and cons of being that tiny?
    I hope your mom doesn’t sit on you accidentally cause then you’ll be a Zoe-pancake.
    Wait then you’re mom can fold you into a paper airplane and send you over here!
    I’ll feed you lots of watermelon and you’ll be back to your old size in no time.
    This could be a plan…
    xox Auntie Hanne


    • The pros are that I can fly over to you (once my mom sits on me first), and of coure that Lola and Sasha cat take me anywhere in their huge fluffy fur. A con would be that getting an acting job could be quite trickay!


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