Learn Your Lesson


This week I realized that Sasha didn’t learn her lesson. “What do you mean, Lola” you might be wondering. Well, I shall explain:

Last year (or some other time. I don’t really remember the exact date, ok. Don’t judge me) Sasha had an encounter with a wasp. She was playing around with it when she decided to bite into it. To Sasha’s surprise the wasp stung her. And she ended up with a big fat lip. (Too bad I didn’t get a picture…)

So, now that you are filled in, you would think that she had learned her lesson and stayed far away from wasps ever since. BUT NOOO. That daredevil had to play Russian roulette with danger once again!

Here is the video of Sash harassing the wasp.

This time she got lucky. But maybe not next time…

end of summerFUN FACT:

It is estimated that there are over a hundred thousand described species of wasps around the world, and a great many more as yet undescribed.

(Hey, Sasha, wouldn’t it be neat to discover an undescribed species of wasp? If I did that, I would name it after you: Vespula sashula. How does that sound?)


5 thoughts on “Learn Your Lesson

  1. Yes, we hope that the end of the wasp summer has come!
    I have read a letter from Johnnie to Tippy – a letter to cross the Atlantic
    Wonder of the two of you have written letters to the other too, – just a letter to show that neither of you will forget the other, or a letter to cheer up, a letter to express your inmost feelings – those feelings that can’t be told in red or blue

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