Separated At Birth


We have been playing with a piece of pink paper!

We have also been surfing the internet for pictures of other animals that look like us! Here is what we found:



There are more than 260 different types of monkeys.


5 thoughts on “Separated At Birth

  1. Man those Lola and Sasha doppelgangers sure had me fooled.
    I wish I had a goat amusement park. Goats freak me out a little. They can be so pushy (literally) and when the big males start following you around and butting you it can get a bit nerve wracking. Do you agree?

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    • Well, I have never had a bad experience with goats. My memory of goats is from a farm with lots of happy, calm and friendly goats that I went to as a little kid.
      Zoe 🙂


      • When goats get to know you they can get a little pushy. I’m thinking in particular of two little places where the goats run free and are very happy. When they get familiar with you they push you around to get your attention. A little goat is fine but the larger ones can hurt you when they jump on you with their sharp hooves or butt you with their hard heads. Like your little cats when they want your attention. But way bigger. Horses and cows are naturally skittish and listen when you tell them to bugger off but not goats. They are Nudniks.


  2. Hey maybe you should try to catch popcorn, Lola and Sasha, just saw a video on FB with two kittens almost as sweet as the two of you, chasing popcorn.😜


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