We Played Ourselves


This week we both felt a bit stupid… More than usually…

Here’s what happened:

Yesterday I noticed that out on our balcony there was A LOT of snow. So, I thought to myself, “How can I use this to trick Lola?” Well, I went and told Lola that I had heard from someone that there was a treasure burried in all the snow on our balcony. And believe it or not, she bought it!

I then stood inside and watched Lola tire herself out over nothing:



While Sasha was watching me dig further and further into the snow, I got suspicious. I figured that if there really was a tresure then she would want it herself! So, I went inside with my master plan figured out: I said to Sasha: “Oh my! That treasure is huge! Thanks for the tip, Sash!” And she said: “Treasure?!? You found it?? What?!” And then she rushed outside.

I was pretty happy at this point. And I did the same thing that Sasha had done when I was digging for nothing, I simply just sat there, in the windowsill and giggled:




The oldest known age for a fish was an Australian lungfish. In 2003, it was still alive and well at 65 years old. (This does not include sharks.)



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