Potato Eaters


We have been branching out to new foods! Recently we have tried and loved these foods: roasted chestnuts, vegan tomato pesto, spinach borek (that is the Turkish version of Greek spinach pie) and best of all… boiled potatoes! Here are some pictures of us chowing down some potato bits:


Another cool thing that happened this week is that Zoe made a cat carrier for me! Here I am modeling it:


Hi to our viewers during this last week from: Denmark, the USA, Norway, Canada and the UK!

Oh, and before we forget! Thanks to all of you that helped finish our limericks!


Did you know that the smallest species of armadillo is the “dwarf pink fairy armadillo”? It is 90–115 mm (3.5-4.5 in) long!


4 thoughts on “Potato Eaters

  1. Great you two are expanding your food range.
    Nym shares a leaf of kale with me in the mornings.
    That cat carrier looks wonderfully cozy. Zoe sure has nimble fingers and a creative mind.


  2. Hey Zoe, do you think you could make me a reinforced cat carrier to carry Bella around in? She is about 40 lbs. She would so love it. The print is very beautiful as well! I love the tiny armadillos, they are so sweet looking, truly like fairies. And as for giant squid, they have always been one of my favorite animals of all time.


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