The Catatonics Greatest Hits


Since Zoe was in an a capella music video, we were so inspired that we decided to come out with our own a capella music. Our group is called The Catatonics. Of course we had to start with the hardest part which was the cover. And here it is!!!:


Now all we have to do is write the music! That will be easy!

A shout-out to Mexico, a new country for us this week!

And thanks to our viewers during this last week in Spain, the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Denmark, Norway and Australia.


There is a butterfly in Africa – the monarch butterfly – with enough poison in its body to kill six cats!


4 thoughts on “The Catatonics Greatest Hits

  1. I can’t wait to buy the album when it comes out. Will you sign it?
    My suggestions for your 2nd album would be: Who let the Dogs out? Three Blind Mice. Mockingbird. and Everybody wants to be a cat.
    XOX Auntie Hanne


  2. Hi Lola and Sasha
    Here is a Danish Rhytme Song for Children for the Catatonix vol. 2

    Watch Out For The Tiny Kitten

    Se den lille kattekilling

    Se den lille kattekilling, nej hvor er den sød.
    Den har fine hvide poter og en pels så blød

    Den kan sige miauw og spinde ligesom sin mor
    Den skal snart få lov at finde hen hvor musen bor.

    Lille mus kom op af hullet kom og leg tagfat
    Har du ikke lyst at lege med den lille kat

    Nej det må jeg ikke for min far og mor
    For de siger det var dig der åd min storebror

    Nej det var det ikke det var smedens gamle kat
    Den som bor i Århusgade nr. 65

    Have fun Mette


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