Operation Rescue Lola


Hey folks! This is our 50th blog post! Thanks for supporting us all this way!

Here is a picture of me playing with some paper to celebrate:


But that’s not the main thing today. Here is the real story:

Yesterday when Zoe was getting ready for school, I realized that Lola was locked in Zoe’s bedroom! And I couldn’t get the door open. When I went to get Zoe she had already gone. So both of us had to wait until Zoe was back from school. And that took about 7.5 hours!

When she finally came I quite cleverly meowed and tried to lead her to Lola, who was still in Zoe’s bedroom. (Well, I don’t know about how clever you were, but ok. Oh be quiet Lola! I am actually saving you here! Fine: continue.) But since humans aren’t exactly the sharpest tacks in the box J, it wasn’t that surprising that Zoe didn’t get the very obvious message.

When Zoe sat down on the couch I realized that I had to start using drastic methods. I walked fast back and forth between the couch and the stairs while I yowled at the top of my lungs. I had to do this for about 15 times (not that I was counting) before Zoe finally followed me to the top of the stairs, and this was where part two of this “mission impossible” began.

I had to get Zoe down the stairs, and FAST! So I ran up and down the stairs using the same method as before. After I did that about 5 times she followed me downstairs.

Then came part three of the difficult mission. I had to get Zoe to open the door for Lola. I went over to the door and while still yowling I started to scratch on the door. It didn’t take long before Zoe opened the door and Lola burst out!

Wow humans these days!


The female lion does ninety percent of the hunting.


8 thoughts on “Operation Rescue Lola

  1. Zoe – your blog is an amazing document about cat – living with you and in the Arctic, and I do respect your dedication for the blog.

    Sasha your vocabulary is inspiring. Last night I was kindly and firmly told, that it was cool style to lay the table, using – dish-mats, which I had forgotten. Oh dear! Oh dear! In order to get out of this trap of admitting something I did´t want to admit, I suddenly stuck me that I could respond like you (had read your blog 2 minuts ago). So I instantly yelled a: “MIIIIIIAUUUUUU”….. and we all ended up laughing. ( yes – true story !)

    Please, tell your Auntie Hanne that I love her sharp and witty comments on the blog.



  2. Oh, It must have been a very sad day for poor Lola, locked up in Zoes room for so many hours. And Zoe must “listen” when Sasha tries to tell her something. I guess it will never happen again!


  3. Nym who reads too many Mysteries for her own good and was born with a naturally suspicious mind suggests that this is not the whole story. Allow Nym to pop her pipe in her mouth and pace the drawing room.
    “Meow I prepose that YOU Sasha (points at Lola by mistake) were sick of Lola eating all the goji berries and having wild parties while Helle was at work, I prepose that on this day you had had enough and it was you who lured Lola into Zoe’s bedroom with the promise of a “special” treat and slammed the door behind her. You bought yourself a day of peace and quiet and all the goji berries you could eat.
    When Zoe came home you pretended to be the hero and lead Zoe to the bedroom to save poor poor Lola (points at Sasha by mistake) but it was you all along wasn’t it Sasha? “


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