Fancy Feet


This week we have been admiring our feet, believe it or not. We took some pictures of our paws. And we are going to see if you guys can guess which feet go together.

These first four pictures are of our front paws:

If you think you know which ones go together and who they belong to, then tell us in the comments below. We bet you can’t guess correct!

And here are our back feet:

You’ll never guess these ones! He he! And can you guess who made these paw prints in the new snow:

All the answers are coming in next week’s blog post, so stay tuned!


A cat’s paw print is as unique as as a human’s fingerprint.

No way! You just made that up!


6 thoughts on “Fancy Feet

  1. Hi! For the question as to who the “mystery feet” belong to, I think that numbers 1 and 3 go together and belong to Lola and numbers 2 and 4 belong to Sasha. I have absolutely NO idea what the answers are for the second question! 🙂


  2. Well, Well… 2 and 4 MUST belong to Sasha and 1 and 3 to Lola.
    A and C (pure guess) belongs to Lola and B and D ( logical sense ) to Sasha
    Can’t wait to hear how well my my fingertipsense is doing.


    • You got the first question completely correct! But feet A and C acctually belong to Sasha and B and D belong to Lola. But you get half credit for that one because you did group them correctly! Although, you were the only one who tried to answer question two, so you get extra points for that!
      L&S 😉


  3. It’s elementary. 2 and 4 are definitely Sasha. In the belly rub video Sasha has a big light spot on her back left leg on the inside but the photos on this post are from another angle. Argh I’m going with Giovanna’s answer. Yesterday was thanksgiving and I need to go get a few slices of pie for dinner,
    Auntie Hanne


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