Happy Halloween!!!


We’ve been up to Halloween of course! We all know that you carve pumpkins for Halloween. So we decided to carve a pumpkin, with a little help from Zoe and her dad, of course. First I had to lick the pumpkin to make sure it was a good pumpkin, while I was taking a nap in Zoe’s bed.


When they were done carving the pumpkin, we had to take a good look at it.


But it was when we turned the lights off that we could see that Zoe and her dad had carved portraits of us!!!

On this side they carved me:


And on this side they carved me, notice my thick curly tail:


You may be wondering what they did with the stuff they pulled out of that pumpkin. Well, Zoe’s mom made a delicious pumpkin soup and Zoe roasted the yummy seeds:


Then we put it on the porch so that our neighbor cat Amadeus could admire the lovely portraits of his two lady friends:


And, finally, a shout out to our new viewer in Thaliand!


In Denmark the holiday of Fastelavn was celebrated with an event called slå katten af tønden (“hit the cat out of the barrel”). Historically there was a real black cat in the barrel. Nowadays the wooden barrel is full of candy. The one who knocks out the bottom of the barrel and makes all the candy spill out is the “queen of cats”. The one who knocks down the last piece of the barrel is the “king of cats”.


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. Sasha and Lola, Those candlepumkinportraits of you are truly amazing😸. It is a fantastic idea and so well done.

    You may all have have had many a cozy time preparing the candle, dinner and blog. I went shopping after I read your blog. Very inspired. Guess, what I am having for dinner tomorrow night?
    🎃 Mette

    We guess that you had bamboo sprout salad and caramelized lizard tails for dinner. Just kidding! Pumpkin soup is good, isn’t it?
    L&S 🙂


    • I agree with Mette. Elegant pumpkin design and execution. There is no going wrong when you choose a cat motif.
      One day you should come to Providence where they have a carved pumpkin exhibit at the zoo with 100’s of cool pumpkins.
      Zoe we saw your costume and make-
      up and thought they were classically horrifying. Do children in Norway trade candy at the end of the evening? What are the top rated most desirable candy to receive. Claudia decorated for house for Halloween and had some adorable trick-or-treaters. Love Auntie Hanne


    • Zoe says the best candy to get at Halloween is small chocolate bars in wrappers. People here also give popcorn, loose marshmallows and other pieces of unwrapped candy. She says she does trade with her friends. About 10 jelly beans is worth one chocolate bar. Two gummy candies can be traded for one marshmallow. Halloween in Providence sounds way cool. L&S 😉


  2. This is the most beautiful pumkin carving i have ever seen! Sasha and Lola, you must be very proud of the portraits of you, and Amadeus will admire them for a long time. Very good job by Zoe and her dad. And the soup looks delicious.


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