The vacation

Zoe has been on vacation in Spain for a while now. Here is a picture she sent us, with her and her new best friends:donkeys


Since Zoe is on vacation, we got a little bored. The first day she was gone we caught up on our sleep. The second day we watched our favorite TV show “My Cat From Hell”. It was a marathon so we watched it all day. The third day we decided to give the house a makeover. We rearranged all the furniture. (We just have to remember to put it back before they come home.)

Hey, Lola do you remember how Zoe used to keep us entertained and happy? Oh yeah, do you remember that she used to make those elaborate cat palaces too? Here are some pictures of them:

DSC_2827md    DSC_2661md


Yeah, those were the good old days when Zoe really loved us. She really loved us back then.


Approximately 1/3 of cat owners think their pets are able to read their minds.

Does that mean that 2/3 of cat owners think they can read our minds?


Here is a touching video about a dog and an elephant who were best friends:

6 thoughts on “The vacation

  1. You are two Wild and Crazy Cats. (to be read with Steve Martin accent).
    Nim wants you to know that given enough warning she would have flown to Tromso for the party.
    Spoiler alert, the video you posted had us sobbing at the end. What a true friendship.


  2. Hey you two. I want to send you some jokes. I’m going to send them to Zoe’s email, and hope she’ll share them with you by posting them on your blog. After all, they’re cat jokes.

    A. From NY though we haven’t yet net. I’m Zoe’s friend


  3. Zoe looks so grow up! She’s so beautiful… Seems to me she’s taking after her cousins 😛 you two seem to have had a lot of fun! While the Zoe’s away the cats will play!
    Ps. The video at the end had me crying on and off all day. No lie. Misses and kisses from your sister-city Providence 🙂


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