Lola’s Pee Problem


So let’s start from the beginning:

Our neighbors have a dog, and they let that dog run around outside freely. And this has been going on for a while, and it has never really concerned us because the dog never comes over to our house.

But just recently the dog actually started to run around our house!

We knew because The Dog Who Shall Remain Nameless had spooked us several times, but those humans of ours didn’t figure it out until they finally saw the pawprints for themselves. And Zoe’s mom even took a picture of the pawprints on our own porch:



Well, I wasn’t really that scared so I’ve kept going outside as I normally would to heed nature’s call. But, Lola, you have been so scared that you haven’t even been able to go outside to do your business!

Oh, but Sasha, I have been holding it in to the best of my ability, and every time I look out the cat flap to see if the coast is clear that stupid dog is always running around in our garden!

Ok, if you say so, but you definitely have had some accidents inside!

But at least I try to make it an easy cleanup for the humans.

Yeah, because that time when you peed on the plastic bag in the hallway it was TOTALLY JUST A LAUGH to clean up!



[This is actually a real photo of what really happened two days ago! It is not fake. And my dad had to clean it all up. Tnx dad! – Zoe]

Anyway, after that incident Zoe’s parents broke out the old cat litter box which we have not used in years!

And Zoe’s dad set up a camera aimed at the litter box to see if I actually used it.


And I did use it.


Boy, that dog really traumatized you. Why are you so easily traumatized, Lola?

Oh, I can’t help it. I’m a sensitive soul. But isn’t that what you love abut me?

Yeah, I guess so.


Cat urine glows in the dark if a black light is shined on it.


One thought on “Lola’s Pee Problem

  1. WHAT AMAZING DETECTIVE WORK. WHAT NEXT? THIS CANT GO ON…. BTW: capped teeth and bleached hair also glow blue in black light. Do hope you’re extra kind to Zoe. We don’t want her to worry… Oh: happy holiday, you two furry and brave cats.



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