How to Be a Good Lap-Lounger


Well, I’ve been lap-lounging, of course. And I’ve been interviewing Sasha about how to be a good lap-lounger. We thought that we would share this expert advice on how to be a good lap-lounger.

#1. The number one thing that you have to know to be a good lap-lounger is to select a good lap, and not a bad one. Look at the picture below. One of these laps is better for lap-lounging than the other. Make a guess:


If you picked the BIG one you may have a talent for lap-lounging. If you picked the small one you were wrong. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the lap, the better. (Note: this rule also applies even if the bigger lap has a computer or a bowl of soup on it.)

#2. If the TV is on, face the TV to get the full experience, as I expertly demonstrate here:


#3: If your lap starts to show signs of Getting-up-and-walking-away Syndrome, just spread yourself over as much of the lap area as humanly – oops I meant catly – possible. This ancient technique usually prevents the lap from getting up, as I demonstrate in the two pictures below.




#4. If your lap starts to neglect you, flip on to your back without getting up. Then when you are on your back, expose your soft and gorgeous belly. Humans usually find this irresistible. (Note: if you don’t have a nice belly, I do not recommend this.)


If you are a beginner lap-lounger these tips should give you a good start.


Pigeons, with training, did just as well as humans in a study testing their ability to distinguish pictures of cancerous from healthy breast tissue samples .


Since it’s December we thought it would be nice with some Christmas videos!

6 thoughts on “How to Be a Good Lap-Lounger

  1. You seem to give even Marmots a run for their money on the act of repose, reclining dare I say laziness? No I daren’t. Marmots enter hibernation September or October and often don’t emerge until May. In the short summer period when they are supposed to be eating and gaining fat they seemingly spent most of their time sunlight napping and playing. Much like you girls.
    The Grinch is my favorite. Should we tie a pair of antlers to Bella’s head and make her pull the sled?


  2. Bella will be adorned with bells on her fingers and bells on her toes, and she shall have music wherever she goes! Could you teach Bella how to be better lap lounger? She is much too big for my lap and she insists on sitting her muscly little mutt butt on me anyway. Is there a half-lap technique?


    • Yes, it is possible to do a half-lap technique, but that takes a lot of experience and even more practice.
      One thing you can get to help you is to get an artificial “lap-enlarger” on Amazon. This device will protect your dainty little lap from her muscly butt. Good luck with that!
      L&S 😉


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