Revisited Rat


This week Zoe brought a guest to the house. If you read the title you probably connected the dots. Well, if you haven’t we can tell you with great underwhelmedness that the guest is a freakin’ rat.

Does Zoe even remember that she already brought a toy rat home as a practical joke?

Well, since she got another one for us I will take an absolutely wild guess that she doesn’t remember.

Yeah, me too. And it isn’t like we loved that other rat!

Here are the videos that Zoe took of us with the new rat (IMPORTANT: click the cc/captions icon near the bottom of the picture to make our subtitles show! you may need to double-click quickly):

This first one is of me:

 And the next two are of me:


In experiments, Norwegian rats were most helpful to individuals that had previously helped them.


This video is long, but it has a very happy ending! And it takes place in Greece, where Zoe has been lots of times.

2 thoughts on “Revisited Rat

  1. Such a sad little guy. Healing his body was easier than healing his spirit. Blessings heaped upon those who foster damaged animals like him.
    Okay when there were all those shots of his looking woe begone it reminded me of one of Papu’s favorite jokes:
    A horse walks into a bar.The bartender says “Why the long face”
    Ba-dum bum


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