Following Felines


This week Lola has been dogging my every move.

First she followed me over to the food bowl and stayed two steps behind me, and then she sat down and just stared at my back:


That was not exactly a relaxing meal…

I then tried to get away from her by jumping up onto the half wall, but she scrambled to the top of the stairs staring down at me and acknowledging my every move:

It’s driving me absolutely crazy! Why are you torturing me like this Lola?

Oh, you don’t like it? I thought you looovved it! If you hated it so much you should have just said something.

Oh, for heaven’s sakes, Lola!

But Sasha, you’re not the only one following someone else’s steps! You just started doing my thing, hiding under Zoe’s bed waiting untill she falls asleep and then get onto her bed:

Ok, fine, I guess we’re even then…

Yeah, let’s say we’re even.


Pigs are very clean, keeping their toilet area far away from where they lie down and eat. Even newborn piglets will leave the nest to go to the toilet within hours of birth.





4 thoughts on “Following Felines

  1. You two are my favorite comedy team!
    Now you just need to get top hats and give us a little soft paw while singing “Me and my shadow.”
    xox Auntie Hanne


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