Amadeus Update


We’ve been pestered by the neighbor cat Amadeus a lot lately! That’s what we’ve been up to! 😦

You may remember that our neighbor got a kitten after his cat Mons went missing. Mons used to chase us and scare us and sometimes injure us. To make sure that little Amadeus knew who was boss, his owner brought him to visit us so we would get to know eachother. We weren’t exactly thrilled to have him here, but we tolerated him (just barely). We gave him the cold shoulder, but he took that as a friendship hug, and kept following us around.

Lately it’s gotten all out of hand! Amadeus is constantly trying to get in our house. He tries to get in all the windows, doors and even our catflap – what nerve! And on top of that he miaows nonstop as loud as he can in his little annoying Amadeus voice!

Amadeus front window_      Amadeus balc window

Amadeus Flap-

Occasionally we take pity on him and let him in for VERY SHORT periods at a time. When he starts to get cheeky and does things like go on the sofa, we give him the heave-ho and send him home.

Amadeus sofa

Amadeus is a pain in the neck, but he is a little bit cute too – but only a little! 😉


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5 thoughts on “Amadeus Update

  1. Hi Sasha and Lola

    Amadeus seems absolutly thrilled watching you and your territorium. Those pictures of him are sweet and funny .
    It must be such a dilemma or trilemma: He is annoying and a little cute and and maybe your greatest admire.

    Do you admire any cats, Lola and Sasha?



  2. Ami seems a little dumb, I’m sure you two can whip him into shape! Soon enough he’ll be fetching you two goji berries and nori to snack on while you two lounge in the sun and paint your claws!


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