New Year Resolutions


Since it is the New Year, we made our annual New Year resolutions!

My New Year resolution is to try to branch out to the left scratch mat.


As you can see I use the right scratch mat a lot!


What’s up with that, Sasha? They both got put up at the same time a year ago, so what is so bad about the left one?

Well, it’s complicated, Lola. First of all, the left one is white. And white is TOTALLY the wrong color for a scratch mat for obvious reasons. Second of all, the left one is in COMPLETELY the wrong position. Can’t you see that?

And by the way, Lola, why don’t you use either one of them?

Oh, Sasha, it’s complicated.

Anywho, let’s talk about my New Year resolution. It is: to stop taking out the spark for a spin without Zoe’s permission. Here I am in action about to push off:


So, you probably don’t know what a spark is. Well, it’s a sled that you stand on the back of, on the metal runners. You go forward by kicking the icy ground. There is a seat in front for children or groceries. It’s an efficient way to get around when there is a lot if snow and ice. It is very common in Tromsø, where we live.

We will let you know next year at this time if we managed to carry out our resolutions.

Shout out to our new viewer in South Africa!


Cats generally shed each claw once every few months.



This is a music video that Zoe is in! Watch it til the end to see Zoe. She is the only girl in the video!

7 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Hi Lola send Sasha.

    Happy New Year
    You must be very proud of Zoe, becoming a star in bakery, on the catwalk and now in music videos.
    I have a new kind of catwalk for you. Maybe Amadeus could join you, so the three of you could form a
    a-cat-pella trio, presenting the rest of your New Year wishes in a song made of different tones of miauws. Make sure that they are audible to the human ear. Zoe, you performed your part really well. You looked so sweet and the look in your eyes convinced me that you wished to be supportative to the little boy. Good job.
    I am convinced too that you will be really supportative when you hear the songs from the upcoming cat-trio😻😸😽
    By the way I am a great fan of Pentatonix. This parody of the group is genius and hilarius.


    • Hi Mette,
      The a-cat-pella trio could be called The Catatonix! Thanks for the compliment about the video. It’s especially nice coming from you who has experience singing. Thanks also for the cute holiday e-card. xxx Zoe


  2. I can see the Catatonix album cover now.
    Zo Zo. What a thrill it must be to have the video finally out. I heard that your classroom had a special showing.
    I too would use the lower scratch pad if were lazy or busy.
    I’d love to see a Cat calendar. We used to have a TV commercial for cat food that went “I love I love I love my calendar cat” “January, meow meow meow meow meow” Maybe you could show s a mock-up of your calendar maybe your readership could submit photos of their pets for the different months.
    Auntie Hanne


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