Sofa Wars


Everybody knows that the best piece of furniture is the sofa. We cats are only allowed on a specific area of our sofa: Untitled-1 Here is a picture of me in that sweet spot: Sofawar So, since both of us want to be on the sofa, we had to make some ground rules. But they aren’t very fair. Oh, whatever. Here are the rules:

1. We are only allowed on the part of the sofa that has a cover on it.

2. When Sasha is on the sofa she won’t allow me on the sofa. What happens is that I trot over to the sofa for a little cozying, but when I look up, Sasha leans over the edge and gives me an evil look. If I don’t skedaddle right away, Sasha will swat me on the head. And I trot away with my head hanging. Oh, don’t be so dramatic.

3. When Lola is on the sofa and I want to sit there Lola gets off. This is how I do it: first I walk up to the sofa and see that Lola is lying on it, then I give Lola one of my evil looks and she runs off. If she doesn’t hop off the sofa immediately I hang over her until she gets the message! Like this: sofa 4. On very special occasions Sasha will allow both of us on the sofa only if there is a person between us holding a pillow so we can’t really see eachother.

5. Follow all these rules.


The minimum height required for a falling cat to turn itself around so it can land on its feet (safely) is around 30 centimetres (12 in). Cats without a tail also have this ability.



5 thoughts on “Sofa Wars

  1. I think Lola and Shasha have found a good way to share the sofa. They are both so well behaved and nice to each other all the time. Sweet cats! But what about you, Zoe, do you have to ask for permission to sit on the sofa too?


  2. Hi Zoe
    Now I am on😀
    Well they know how to make a drama the little ones, don’t they. They are personalities with ground selfesteem, so I have a trickey question:
    What do you think would be Lola’s reaction if she found another cat on the sofa besides being surprised? Ask her, let us se what she will tell /miauw you ?What do you think would be Sasha’s reaction if she instead of finding Lola om the sofa saw herself reflected in a mirror? What will she tell/miauw you?
    😻 Mette


  3. Your question was so good that we decided to do an experiment and write a blog post about it!
    So keep an eye out for a blog post that answers your question! 😉


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