Happy Easter!


We have been helping Zoe decorate the house for Easter. She got out a box of old decorations that Zoe made when she was very little.

I was the one to first take action (as always):


It was hard to know what I was supposed to do with these strange things. Was I supposed to play with them, eat them?


Then I suddenly got the urge to keep them warm and protected:


Oh, Sasha, you are so weird! The truth is that you thought you were a hen. I was worried about you. I thought of taking you to a doctor so you could be cured. But I decided not to because we need the eggs.

Ha ha. So funny Lola.

Happy Easter!

We would like to give a shout out to our new viewers in Bangladesh, Ireland and Pakistan!

And a hi to our viewers this week in Denmark, Chile, Norway, the US and Germany.


According to research male dinosaurs were sometimes responsible for sitting on eggs until they hatched.


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter. Christ has risen and we all get to make ourselves sick on chocolate. Sasha is so maternal. Perhaps she needs a kitten, or chick to raise.
    Lola would look adorable in a a pair of bunny ears.
    xox Auntie Hanne


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