False Alarm


I have been worried about Zoe. I just saw her go downstairs and go into her room. I went downstairs to see what she was up to, but when I came downstairs her door was closed! What was going on in there?! I tried to get Zoe to open the door, but she wouldn’t open!

So, then Sasha sent me around the house to look in her bedroom window. I did that as fast as possible.

When I looked in I saw…

What?! What did you see, Lola?!

NOTHING! She wasn’t even in there, Sasha, you dufus!

She wasn’t?!

NO, she was in the shower!

Oh, umm, woopsie…


The only sweat glands dogs have are between its toes!


8 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. You two mustn’t worry so much. We all must realize that Zoe is not a little girl as she once was. But then again, you two aren’t little kittens anymore either. She’s still fascinating, though, isn’t she? Are you two still mysterious and fascinating still? I’d say so.

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  2. TodayI have not only heard about, but read about and seen a watch-cat, you set new standards, Lola… what standard do you want to set for Sasha?

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