The Whisker Fairy


Zoe has been making art with our shed whiskers, which she has been collecting over the years. She put them on origami paper and stuck them in some slime that she made.

But she doesn’t know that we actually want to keep them so that we can put them under our pillow for the whisker fairy to collect them and reward us with a treat.

Here is a picture of the whisker fairy.


We think it is a miracle that those tiny little wings of hers have managed to hold her up for so long considering that she is quite heavy for her size. Her main body is made out of  slime so that when she finds a whisker she sticks it into her body. We think that is pretty cool.

Every time Zoe finds a whisker on the floor she says “Aha! I got one!”


And then she puts them in a box at the top of her shelf in her bedroom where we cant reach them.


I don’t think Zoe knows about the whisker fairy…

No, I don’t think so either. Otherwise she would let us keep our shed whiskers.

I think she would understand because it’s kind of like the humans and their tooth fairy.

Yeah, but with the tooth fairy all the teeth are the same value. But with the whisker fairy you get double the prize if it is an especially nice one and you get quadruple the prize if the whisker is a white whisker.

Right. That is why I always get a double prize and you don’t!

What is that supposed to mean?!?

I’m just saying in a clever way that my whiskers are nicer than yours.

Ha ha… very funny… My whiskers are gorgeous! Here is a collage of my whiskers:

And this is a collage of my even more gorgeous whiskers:


Cats’ whiskers (also called vibrissae) are embedded more deeply in their skin than the shorter top-fur coat. Sensory organs at the end of the whiskers, called proprioceptors, send signals to the brain and nervous system. This organ makes the cat’s whiskers sensitive to tiny changes in the cat’s environment.  A cat has whiskers on either side of its nose and upper lip and above each of the eyes and on the back of its front legs. When a cat is resting and happy, its whiskers won’t be doing much. If the whiskers suddenly bunch up and lie flat against the cat’s face, the cat may be scared.


14 thoughts on “The Whisker Fairy

  1. Dear Lola and Sasha….I think you both have beautiful whiskers! And I also think you are lucky to have a girl like Zoe making such a beautiful picture from your whiskers. A very interesting picture, I have to say😀😀
    Therefore you should pay her, in fact!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laugh out loud funny post. How many times magnified is that picture of the whisker fairy. I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley.
    Ask your mom about the time someone cut off all the whiskers of a litter of kitten we had. Bedstemor had her suspicions as to who had done it and they were not allowed back to out house .
    The traditional present would be….a dead bird? A squirrel tail?
    Auntie Hanne


    • The whiskerfairy is a bit bigger than a quarter. The prize allways depends on what the cat likes. In this case Sasha would get a boiled carrot or seaweed and I, Lola would get a spoonfull of liverpaste. Could you please tell the story because Zoe’s mom doesn’t remember it?
      Lola 🙂


  3. Hi! I love the Whisker Fairy! So creative. The video pick is additionally very interesting. Never underestimate the power of a cat’s whiskers!

    Liked by 1 person

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