We finally got an ok snowfall last night! At least it was enough for Zoe to make a little cat igloo this morning. We call it the minigloo.

At first we were a little unsure about this new snow since we haven’t experienced heaps of fresh snow for at least 6 months. But then we got used to it again. Especially me!

Here are some pictures of us discovering the wonders of the minigloo. Especially me! 🙂 :









In Tromsø from the 27th of November the sun stays below the horizon 24 hours a day. The sun doesn’t peek up above the horizon until the 16th of January. In Norwegian we call this time period Mørketid, which means the dark time. Because of the mountains to the south of Tromsø Mørketid lasts from the 22 nd of November to the 20th of January.


Here are two videos of me playing in the snow this morning (Sasha makes a brief appearance in one video):

9 thoughts on “Minigloo

  1. Wonderful igloo. I never though to make a cat sized one. Inventive of you. If your feeling psychedelic you could mix up some water with food coloring and splash it on the igloo when the temperature is low enough. The kids adored something called crazy vanilla ice-cream which was rainbow hued. our little igloo would look just like a scoop of Crazy Vanilla.


  2. Do you have a good-bye party for the sun?? “Bon Voyage, come back soon.”
    I would cook sunny food like pumpkin soup .A salad of mandarin segments with orange beets. Carrot juice cocktails. The next day you could have a welcome moon party welcoming the winter.

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  3. I feel like Bella would really enjoy the igloo, so much so that she would probably knock it down in her joy! We haven’t played with her in the snow yet, and I can’t wait!


  4. Amazing minigloo and darling-film. Such an enjoyment to visit your blog during weekends. So nice to “hear” the snow, and see Lola in hide in the igloo. Cat -palace in -and outside. Or more accurate: Lola’s and Sashas winter-house.
    Johannes idea of celebrating the seasons, reflecting the seasons colours in the food is great. I can imagine a green spring diner, with green in all textures.


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