Tragic Fire – Broken Hearted


This week we have been sad because there was a fire in which 13 cats died.

Photo 01-10-2017, 17 55 12

No, the fire was not in a crazy cat lady’s house. It was the only cat shelter in northern Norway owned by the animal welfare society.


Zoe actually used to bike past that shelter every day to and from school.

The police are investigating and they are saying that this fire is looking extremely suspicious. In addition to the shelter 3 other houses in different locations (one of them 60 meters from the shelter) also caught fire within 24 hours.

The shelter has gotten 37628 $ donation but it was not insured so we don’t know how long until or if it will be built again.

Not only did they lose a lot of cats but they also lost a lot a very important resource and a lot of equipment.

And in fact, WE were adopted from the same animal welfare society.

Here is a link to a newspaper article where you can see pictures and a small story of all the cats that died:


A new species of rat, four times larger than regular rodents, has been discovered in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean.


5 thoughts on “Tragic Fire – Broken Hearted

    • Thanks, Crystal and Johanne. Update: The Mayor of Tromsø is going to let the animal protection society use an abandoned kindergarden for one year. It is much bigger than the place that burned. And they will be able to have separate areas for mothers with kittens and cats with other special needs. Earlier those cats had to be with fosterhomes. The rent will be 3000 kr per month (that is the same as the previous place).


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