Amazing Markings


We have noticed that a lot of cats on the web have made a big deal about how their spots look like special things, like cats that have spots shaped like hearts, stars, faces and other things like that. There is even a cat that has markings that together look like another cat.

Well, we would just like you folks to know that we also have some quite amazing markings too. This is a spot on Sasha’s back that looks EXACTLY like the country of BOLIVIA!!! Isn’t that shocking!?! Here is the spot:

Spots Boliivia

And if you think that’s amazing, then check out these two spots on Lola’s back:


Isn’t it incredible!?!


Large macaws can live 60 to 80 years. The smaller macaws can live up 60 years.


5 thoughts on “Amazing Markings

  1. After Olivia was born a friend of Yummy’s (Mama Helle) said something like “How is Bolivia?” meaning Olivia. So there you go. A sign from the Cativerse maybe.If you ever run out of ideas for blog posts you could collect pet quirk tails from your readers and feature them. Or feature cute or silly photos of you myriad animal kingdom fans? The blogs just get better and better!
    love Auntie Hanne


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