Shanta Claus


This week we’ve been preparing for Christmas.

It really gets me into the holiday spirit when Sasha gets into her Santa outfit.



Happy holidays to all of our great and faithful readers and followers!


A herd of reindeer took Jan Baalsrud over the border into Finland (in the movie it was into Sweden).  There are about 200,000 reindeer in Norway, and more in Sweden and Finland.


This is the trailer for a movie that Zoe is in. It is premiering tomorrow in Norway. Zoe plays the role of Dina Pedersen. It’s a small role, but it’s important because Dina and her cousin are the first people to help the main character escape from the Nazis. The story is based on the incredible true story of Jan Baalsrud.  In this trailer, Zoe can be seen standing with another girl on the seashore, with flares lighting up the dark sky. Zoe is on the left.


5 thoughts on “Shanta Claus

  1. I hope your Christmas was bright and joyous. Hopefully you’ve gotten over your food hangovers from the Danish extravaganza. Nymeria wants you to know that she plays Ebenezer Scrooge each year in the neighborhood feline adaptation of A Catmas Carol.

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    • Thanks! We did have a bright and joyous Christmas (hope you did too). Even though there was no snow, just rain most of the time, the reindeer sled was modified with wheels, so that it could land without snow on the ground!
      L&S 🙂


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