Inspiration for blog posts!


We have heard that some of you wonder how we get our great ideas for blog posts. So we are going to tell you our totally different ways of getting ideas.

This is my way of getting ideas: as you have seen in earlier blog posts I have been reading a book called “I Could Pee on This”. But in case you haven’t read that post, here is a picture of me reading it:


The book has quite wonderful stories and poems. So that is one of my good sources of inspiration.

Another one of my fabulous methods is to simply sit down in a sunny patch of the house with my computer and surf the internet.

And this is my way of getting ideas for blog posts: at night when Zoe is going to bed, I often jump in bed with her. And sometimes when I sleep, I get the best ideas for a blog post in my dreams. Here is a picture of me doing my “research”:

lola dreaming

If you have any ideas for a blog post, let us know!


Most land mammals experience the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep where dreams mainly occur in humans. Research with animals has shown that they dream too.


One thought on “Inspiration for blog posts!

  1. Take it easy there girls, you work too hard. It seems to me that with all that napping and sleeping you two deserve a vacation. .


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