Cat hair jewelry!


It is getting on to spring, and we are starting to shed. Zoe wanted to make some cat fur jewelry, and so we donated some. Every week for about one month, Zoe has been brushing us. In payment, while she is brushing us, we got some treats. (Oooh, man they were yummy!) I was patient and lay still so Zoe could brush me for longer. But I was very impatient, so after five seconds, I was out.

Here is a picture of our hair becoming jewelry, going from a loose clump of fur to a loosely rolled ball to a tight little bead:

   fur ball

And here are pictures of Zoe modeling the finished result:

     fur jewelry2        fur jewelry1


A cat’s body is covered with approximately 130,000 hairs for each square inch! Wow, I didn’t know you were so hairy. ME! What about you!


I wish I had some chicks to put in my armpits!

And I wish I had a chicken hat like that other cat had. It was so chic!

13 thoughts on “Cat hair jewelry!

  1. ZOE YOU ARE GETTING SO BIG STOP IT STOP GROWING STOP. You look quite fetching in your upcycled cat fur jewelry. So chic.


  2. People used to ask for fur from our Newfoundland dog for weaving. Super cool and smart jewelry. The cat with the chick hat looks abashed.


  3. Hi, Zoe
    The jewelry looks beautiful!! What a good idea. I have seen many woven items made of animal hair, but never jewelry. It is a good thing that you can use the cats hair to something like that.


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