Ins and outs!

Zoe came back from her vacation, carrying a huge bouquet of tropical flowers that a new friend in Gran Canaria picked for her. And it turns out that she still loves us!


It has been a quiet week, with nothing much to report so we thought we could tell you about our cat door and cat stairs.   Zoe’s dad put in a cat flap/door a couple of years ago. It goes from the living room to the balcony. Sometimes we just like to hang out on the balcony railing, looking at the wonderful view of the woods. We watch the birds go in and out of the birdhouse that Zoe made. The balcony is also a good place to keep a look-out for other cats that wander into our territory.

To get down into the garden we go down a kind of staircase attached to the wall.

Here are some pictures of me demonstrating. This is me going down:    

steps down 2    steps down 3

And this is me going back up (aren’t I clever?):

steps up 2    steps up 3


Star nosed moles are able to smell underwater. They blow out air bubbles onto objects or scent trails and then they breathe the bubbles back in to carry scents back through their nose.


Hey Lola, close your eyes and lick this.

11 thoughts on “Ins and outs!

  1. A little known fact about me is that star-nosed moles are one of my all time favorite animals! So sweet and funny and vicious, just like me. Those ladder steps are really awesome, I wish I had some going from my bedroom.


  2. You know one of my nicknames that the kids gave me when they were little is Miss Moley. Because I see so poorly, and am so private. Deep in my tunnel where it is warm and earthy my velvet nose twitching.

    The ladder steps are a wonderful creation. Our cat Nymeria comments: “Your dad should quit that foolish airplane piloting and spend all his time building fabulous cat palaces for Sasha and Lola. He’s got a real talent.”
    All our love Auntie Hanne and Nymeria (aka Princess Brat)


  3. It looks like you two are having a very good time together while Zoe is on vacation!! But remember to clean up the house before she gets back!

    And I hope that Zoe’s dad do not quit piloting, because then it will be much more difficult for Zoe to come and see “farmor” in Aarhus, and her family in the USA!

    And I must say I enjoyed watching the facts about The Star Nosed Mole.What a strange animal!


  4. Star nosed moles are so funny, when I told my friends about them for the first time they didn’t believe me


  5. Hey, Pushkin the Red! Yeah, star nosed moles ARE really funny. (And a bit weird.) So are sloths. The stairs are so nifty, but they take some getting used to. Thanks for reading our blog!


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