About us

This is us taking a catnap on the couch when we were about 5/6 months old.
This is us taking a catnap on the couch when we were about 5/6 months old. Sasha is on the left and Lola is on the right.


We are Lola & Sasha. We’re cats. We decided it could be fun to blog about us, our lives and our owner Zoe. Zoe will appear a lot in this blog.

Usually it is both of us talking. When it is Lola talking it is in blue. When it is Sasha, it is in red.

We live in northern Norway. Zoe is half American and half Norwegian. It is very cold here, but we make the best out of it. We are very good cats.

I like to play fetch and play in the snow. And I like to cuddle with Zoe, be dominant over Lola and hunt birds and mice. Sometimes we do naughty things too, like…

One thing that I do all the time is lick Zoe’s ears, which annoys her. I have been caught drinking out of the toilet, and once when I was very little I peed in Zoe’s dad Jon’s flight bag. (He is a pilot.) Those are only some of the things we like to do.

We were adopted as kittens by Zoe at the local animal welfare society. We are both tortoiseshell cats. So people often think we are sisters, but we’re not.

I  (Sasha talking) have a thick curly tail (Zoe says I should be a tail model), and a beige patch on my eye, and my eyes are a warm yellow-brown color.

I (Lola talking) have a pathetic dinky tail that is straight up or straight down. I have a beige smudge on my nose, and my eyes are yellow-green. And I just want to make it clear that I am the smart one.

Don’t worry if you can’t tell us apart. Most people don’t until they know us really well.

So that is a little about me Lola & me Sasha.

How about telling you a bit about Zoe? Zoe was 10 years old when she started this blog early in 2015. She was in 5th grade and is now in 7th grade. She loves knitting, drawing, doing crafts, playing squash, downhill skiing, wind-surfing, bowling, watching vet shows on tv, acting, cooking, boxing, reading and taking care of us cats, of course. She LOVES animals, obviously. She has been an extra in a couple of movies and she has been in some commercials and in a music video.

22 thoughts on “About us

  1. That’s wonderful! So blogs aren’t just for dogs…

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t tell you both apart, but I’ll try hard if you post more pictures.

    Greetings by the way from England!


  2. We have a cat door. It goes out to the balcony. And to get to the ground we go down some steps that Zoe’s dad attached to the wall just for us. We will show some pictures in a future blog post.


  3. Dear Zoe,

    An amazing website with amazing stories! I enjoyed reading all your cat adventures and I love the pictures! It really made me smile to see you and Hickey (RIP) on the couch! He looked even bigger than you! Lots of snow in tromsø I can see! The story about one of the cat who peed in the flight bag was also funny! Keep up the good writing!
    With love,



    • Hey Mariam!
      I am glad you enjoy my blog.
      I bet you like the story about the flight bag because your dad is a pilot. I think your brother also is a pilot, isn’t he? Well the story gets even more funny: Well, my dad didn’t discover that Lola had peed in his bag until he had been flying around all day. He finally found out when he was sitting in the cockpit and got a little cold, so he took his sweater from his flight bag and put it on. Then the other pilot commented that something smelled a bit funny. And then he realized that there was cat pee all over the bottom of his flight bag. All his important flight books and maps were ruined. Many sarcastic thanks from dad to Lola.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Naughty cats,
        That is an amazing story! my brother and dad are indeed pilots, so I know how deep and undiscovered the pockets of a pilots bag can be 😉
        At least it’s a good sign to see such adventurous cats! I hope your dad wasn’t to sad/disappointed?!
        Keep up the good work and funny stories!

        with love,


  4. Hi Zoe,
    We all loved seeing your cats playing in all the snow. The winter here in Providence is a record breaker with the same amount of snow as Norway — it just keeps coming and coming! Now we are in for another cold snap as well of -2 degrees F. Anneka, Rachel and Isabelle have been building a huge snow fort in the back yard — we had no other place to put the snow and now have 5 feet of snow in our back yard!
    We have a new dog we adopted from the Providence dog pound, her name is Hannah and she is a sturdy wheaton Cairin terrier. She loves to burrow and play in the snow.
    We were all sad to hear about Rie’s cat Hickey. Thank you foe letting us know and for the pictures.
    Keep warm and enjoy the snow — we are too!
    Megan, Brad, Isabelle, Rachel and Anneka
    Hannah, Buddy and Raisin, oh, and the fish….


  5. Hello Zoe!
    It’s Zoe from Kidsanimalstation.com. I’m really sorry that I never got the chance to respond back. It sorta slipped out of my hands~ Anyway, I looked at your blog, and I think it’s really cool! Your two cats, Lola and Sasha, are very cute, and I can tell that you like animals just as much as I do. I hope that school and whatnot is going well. I would very much like to hear about what life is like in Norway! What’s your favorite animal? For me, it’s a hard decision, but I really like rats. Do you like to write (fiction or non-fiction)? I like to write short stories. By the way, I think it’s sort of a funny coincidence that, not only do we have the same name, but we’re also the same age, and we both have a blog about animals. Maybe we can write back and forth? I liked reading about your cats, and I was very interested in your fun fact about how the most common animals with two-heads are snakes and turtles. Really interesting!
    Thanks, Zoe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Zoe! It’s great to hear back from you! Four of my favorite animals are elephants, cats, horses and pigs I have started writing short stories. I like to write creepy fictional stories. I just recently wrote a short horror story about zombies that might have creeped me out a bit! I really enjoyed reading your review of the book Writing Monsters. I found it quite interesting and thought provoking. I would love to write back and forth with you! We seem to have a lot in common so that can’t be that difficult! What is your favorite horror film or series? Mine is Stranger Things. I know it’s not really horror but it’s the closest to horror that I really enjoyed.
      Zoe 🙂


  6. I enjoyed your blog, and I have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award! Thank you for contributing your cats’ stories to the blogosphere! For more information, see my post at alaskats.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/and-the-one-lovely-blog-award-goes-to-oh-elwood-friendz/.

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