Dear Zoe,

Things have started to get a bit boring around here now that you have been gone on vacation in Greece for so long. How are things on Hydra, that little island? Up here in Tromsø we’ve ordered a 5 year subscription for gourmet cat food. Isn’t that great? This will save you a lot of hassle. Thanks to us, the world’s most posh, fancy and luxurious kangaroo-based cat food will be express delivered from Australia to our door every morning at 6 am, along with a fresh sprig of mountain catnip from Nepal! It’s ok: you can pay for it when you get back 🙂

We miss and love you so much! Please write back soon! L&S ❤ ❤


Dear Lola & Sasha,

It is great here on Hydra! Do you guys remember that I told you about Gimpy Cat? Well, if you don’t, she was the little homeless cat that I befriended the last time I was on Hydra. I was worried about her after we left that time because she was homeless and had a deformed front leg. Anyhow, I found her! Picture enclosed.

gimpy cat

She is doing quite well. She seems very healthy and her fur is thick and soft. She definitely remembered me and let me pick her up and cuddle with her. She hangs out near one of the homeless cat feeding stations that are run by the volunteers at Hydra Ark using donations. They do great work to take care of the many homeless cats on Hydra! They also help the donkeys, horses and mules. Check out their website:

Love you guys too! Wish you were here!


P.S. We will talk about the kangaroo cat food when I get back 🙂



The overall wing span of some species of fruit bats can be more than five feet (that is 1.5 meters).


4 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. Oh, Zoe, i think the cost of the catfood will be more expansive than the whole vacation with your family!,, Lola and Sasha are so extravagant. Maybe we (your family) have to help you paying the bill?
    Lola and Sasha should share their food with Gimpy cat ón Hydra.
    I bet your cats are looking forward to see you in a few days.
    Best wishes from farmor


    • As soon as I got home I had a serious talk with them and we agreed to cancel the fancy catfood order.
      While I was still on Hydra I made a donation on behalf of Sasha and Lola.
      Zoe 😉 XXX OOO


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