A Feeling for Fur Felting


This week Zoe has been making art out of our fur using a method called needle felting! You are probably wondering what on earth we are talking about. Well, we will explain:

Step 1. Brush your cat:



Step 2. Take your desired amount of cat fur and make a rough shape of what you want it to become in the end:


Step 3. Take your special needle – a felting needle – and stab the fur until it becomes your desired shape (it should be quite firm and there should be few hairs sticking out):


Step 4. This step is optional. Decorate it with yarn. Place your thick woollen yarn as you like and stab it so that it will stick:


And there you have it! Needle felting art made out of cat hair!

Here is what Zoe did with the heart and the left-over fur:


Check out the jewelry that Zoe made last year out of our fur Here!

Hi to our viewers this week in: Denmark, Norway, the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Malaysia, Peru and Russia!


Cats sleep an average of 13 to 14 hours a day!



10 thoughts on “A Feeling for Fur Felting

  1. It was very interesting to see how you make jewelry out of cat hair, Zoe. And I was so lucky to be here with you when you made it. You have to be very patient with the needle, It takes a long time!! Nice work!!!


  2. Just remember. “The Rain in Spain falls Mainly in the Plane”
    Also. Hmmm. Awkward. But I just shaved my legs, should I save the fur and you can knit a sweater for Sasha out of it in case she catches the mange again. – Auntie Hanne


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