Loopy Lola


This week Lola has been very kooky.


Oh, really? Well, I have been taking some pictures of your “moments” of the week:

Ok, so first off we have some pictures of you on the halfwall. What was that all about?

Well, I don’t know. I think that is just something every cat has to interperet himself.

So, um, what is happening here?


Well, this one is quite interesting actually. I had an itch on the back of my head and I was scratching it on the pointy corner of the halfwall as I saw a weird splodge of something on the ceiling, explaining my odd face expression. And just for the record, the splodge turned out to be just a shadow… 

I see.

What’s going on here then?


Isn’t it obvious? I’m taking a selfie. Duh.

And what’s happening in this ending picture?


I am taking a bow, and contemplating my last move.

Hey, you know what Sasha?


One of these days I am going to follow YOU around with a camera taking pictures of all the weird things you do!


Many animals have had prosthetic limbs even though this is a very new thing. Animals that have prosthetic limbs include: a llama, a horse, a tortoise, dogs, cats, an elephant, a dolphin, a whale, a pig, an eagle, a kangaroo, a donkey, a duck, a cow, a sea turtle and an alligator.

Check out the stories of all these animals here:




4 thoughts on “Loopy Lola

  1. Lola guess what? I have never taken a selfie. You’ve got this human beat. (Not hard to do)

    BTW do you think it is fair if these bionic cats compete in pet 5ks? Would hey have an unfair advantage?
    Auntie Hanne


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