The Bird


Before we get to the bird part of this story, we wanted to say a couple of words about our last blog post. We’ve looked at the results of the poll, and two of you readers were right because the correct answer is… super space age underwear! ! ! Here is the insert without bleeps:


Ok, let’s get to the bird now. I was outside minding my own business when I suddenly got an urge for fresh bird. I looked around and spotted the perfect prey. It was up in a tree and had no idea that it was soon going to take a one way trip to my stomach. I snuck up on it and… PANG!!! I had him in my mouth. How did you know it was a “him”? Oh, be quiet and let me tell my story! Anyway, I went elegantly down the tree and― And by “elegantly” you mean that you fell down, right? Well, maybe but that is not the point! The point is that I got down the tree and into the house when it got out of my mouth and tried to get out through the window! But then Zoe opened the door and it flew out. THE END. I hope!

Here is a picture of all that is left of my escaped prey:


Oh, get over it!


In the US cats kill between 1.3 billion and 4.0 billion birds in a year.


Why aren’t you in this video, Sasha?

4 thoughts on “The Bird

  1. We used to have a tenant who walked his cat in out back yard, i made him put a bell on the cat and I forbade hime from taking his cat in the yard during nesting season.(He though I was a real witch.) Yes cats and dogs can really put a stress on wildlife.


  2. I know what you mean. but I wonder if it is better if they eat some birds because then they eat less cat food which also is made of animals that may or may not have suffered.


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