Even Bigger Is Even Better


We’ve been imagining how cool it would be if we were so humongous that when we sat on Zoe’s lap we would practically squish her!

In an earlier post called Bigger Is Better, Zoe said that the only thing that would make us better was if we were as big as lions. Well  now we have really taken that to the next level!

Check it out:


How would you like that, Zoe?!?

We are happy to say that in the last 6 months we have had viewers from all of these countries:

USA, Denmark, India, Norway, Canada, Italy, the UK, Kenya, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, Serbia, Israel, Jamaica, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Finland, South Afric, Peru, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Bagladesh and Chile!

Thanks, everyone, for reading our blog!


The biggest animal that has ever lived is the Blue Whale. Aren’t we lucky that it is still alive today?


13 thoughts on “Even Bigger Is Even Better

    • Yes! Now we have viewers from just about every continent! We are just missing Antarctica. So make sure to give us a view if you are ever in Antarctica! 😉
      Would you like to write a short guest post one day? That would be so great if you could! 🙂
      L&S 🙂


  1. My sweet little demon child,
    I realize that in the next couple of months you will be busier than you’ve ever been before. I am offering you a coupon book of 3 free blogposts written by yours truly and redeemable within 5 days notice of posting day. This will include a fun fact, photos, and a video. Feel free take me up on this or not. No hurt feeling either way. Just know that you have this in your back pocket if you need. Hakuna matata and K$SHA -Auntie Hanne

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  2. I remember watching old movies about Humungous Spiders and Ants when I was little. Maybe you guys could make a Catzilla movie for us to watch. Hold on a minute I’mm poppng some corn eat watch with it.
    Auntie Hanne


  3. Hey Giovanna! Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it! If you have a funny story about your cat tell your mom to e-mail my mom it and then we can make a guest blog out of it! Remember to include a picture or two!
    Zoe 🙂


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