New and not loved ladder


Zoe’s dad had to take away our cat stairs for a little while because he is going to paint the house.

Our cat stairs are some short wooden boards that are attached to the outside of our house. We climb up these boards until we get to the balcony and then we can get into the house through the cat flap. That is also the way we get down to the garden.

There are some pictures of our cat stairs in this earlier blog post.

So now that the stairs are gone Zoe’s dad put up this temporary ladder that we are supposed to get up and down with.



Well, Lola, what happened? Zoe tried for ages to get you to take a few steps on that ladder, and you totally refused. You’re such a wimp!

Well, what about you Sasha? When Zoe tried to put you on the ladder, you couldn’t get off fast enough!

Let’s hope that the house gets painted fast so that we can get our old and beloved stairs back!


On average an individual human probably ingests about one to two pounds of various bugs each year without even knowing it.


4 thoughts on “New and not loved ladder

  1. This must be the tallest outdoor scratch mat, EVER. Just think of it this way and you will soon be on the top.
    I thing springtime must be just around the corner in Tromsø!

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