Sasha’s Backstory


So, Sasha, I told you my backstory. Let me hear how you came to Zoe’s house.

Ok. I was a kitten in a foster home at the animal welfare society in Tromsø. My littermates were all given away one by one. I was one of the last ones to get picked to get a home. I was finally chosen by a family. But when I had been at my new home a couple of days, they gave me back to the foster home because they said that I was too shy.

Then Zoe’s family found out about me. And they adopted me. The first few days I hid in the cat carrier and came out only to eat food, then I would run back into the carrier. Since I was so shy Zoe, her mom and her dad started to gently pull me out of the carrier and put me on their laps. After a while I got used to it. And now Zoe’s lap is one of my favorite places in the world!     

lap2    lap1

I hate sitting on laps, and I never do it!


The owl can turn its head 270 degrees. It has some very smart bone and vascular structures which keep it from passing out when it turns its head.


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