Cat Spat


Well, I have been trying to figure out what has been going on in Sasha’s crazy head these days.

Oh, really? So, am I crazy now?

Yes. Here is an example:

First you were cuddling me and licking me:

Yeah? So? What was so crazy about that?

And then two seconds later you just start attacking me!

Oh, come on! Don’t act like you didn’t fight back!

Well, I did exactly that after a little while. And then it wasn’t you chasing me, but me chasing you!



A hedgehog has between 5000 and 7000 quills.


5 thoughts on “Cat Spat

  1. Oh hedge hogs are just so sweet. We love when we find them in Israel and give them a quick cuddle before we let them go.
    You should make the video of Sasha and Lola fighting slow motion and play the Rocky theme song in the background. lol
    Auntie Hanne

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