Why That Face?


We have been kind of hiding out in Zoe’s bedroom together with Zoe because of a very sudden bad vibe that came on Wednesday morning.


We have no idea what happened that morning, but Zoe’s mom (who is American) has been very upset and she went to work on Wednesday wearing a white T-shirt that she wrote with a sharpie on it:


Yeah, Why That Face, Zoe’s mom?


Canada’s immigration website crashed on Tuesday.


Here is a video of me and Zoe’s mom when she used to be fun.

6 thoughts on “Why That Face?

  1. Whatever it is, I’ve got the same grim look on my face as Zoe’s mom does. So do other people I know. But … whatever is causing our sourness, we will not let it pollute our lives. We will find ways to transcend what is so unpleasant.

    Don’t give up Zoe’s Mom !!!!


  2. Uncle Hanaan woke me up at 5 in the morning on Wednesday (he was catching a train to NYC) and I asked him who won. He didn’t want to tell me. Uncle Hanaan has had a head ache for the past week that hasn’t let up once, talk about bad mood. So Lola, Sasha and Zoe I beg of you: May I please come and sleep in Zoe’s room? Make room for me under the bed.


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