Cat Snacks


Finally Zoe is home! We were so happy that we helped Zoe unpack. Actually, I was the one who did the helping because Sasha was too scared of breaking a nail. Hey, I just got a pawdicure!


Since I was so good and helpful, I got a treat:

Seaweed_2     Seaweed_1

Seaweed! I love nori – the kind of seaweed that you wrap sushi in. Even though it sticks to the top of my mouth I still love it! Sasha didn’t help Zoe unpack but she got a treat anyway:

Goji_1     Goji_2

Goji berries! It may not look like I am eating them, but take my word for it. I gobble them up like candy! 🙂

If you guys think those are weird snacks for a cat, then check out these other foods we love:

tofu1              tofu2

Noodle2               Noodle1

cheesedoodle1             cheesedoodle2

Even though we’re not going to get our kangaroo-catfood😦 ,Zoe still spoils us with yummy treats that she gives us on special occasions! (Otherwise it’s just non-gourmet plain boring dry catfood.)


Wildcats (Felis silvestris), which is what domestic cats have descended from, are pure carnivores and eat only meat, eating almost every part of any kill they make.


7 thoughts on “Cat Snacks

  1. Humm.. so funny to see what Norwegian cats eat ! Seaweed, incredible !!
    Well, it sure looks like your cat Lola was happy to see you after your long holiday; lovely picture 🙂
    I read your blog and found it great and entertaining, well done Zoe !

    and soon I’ll send you a picture of my Swiss cat Lune, 18yrs old..
    Be well my sweet,


  2. Well, Lola and Sasha, You are so independent cats😸. I wonder however: Is it better to have a ball on your own or being domesticated ( Word-game) by Zoe, presenting you the sweets you also dream of.


  3. Well, Lola and Sasha, you are such Independent cats😸. I wonder however: Is it better to have a
    ball on your own or being domesticated ( word-game) by Zoe, presenting you the sweets you also dream of.


  4. Good question, Mette. We really had to think about that one. We came to an answer. It is probably best to be with Zoe. It’s great having the house to ourselves, but when Zoe is home we have the best time of our lives. Love, S & L 🙂


  5. Nym adores fresh Kale and watermelon. Two of my favorite foods! She eats plenty of grass but she still elbows me out of the way to grab my salad. Luckily she hasn’t discovered a yen for coffee yet like good old Hickey/Jerry.
    Our ferret Legolas loved berries but especially strawberries. They tinted her snowy fur a lovely shade of pink. Akiko the ferret was a demon for rose petals and Shadow our big male ferret went mad for clementines. Our Newfoundland Ash was crazy for sweet potatoes and broccoli.


  6. It must be so fun to snack on the same foods! You could have a movie night and would not have to prepare a bunch of separate snacks. Nym also loves to eat flowers, and she attempted to destroy a bouquet of roses Stavros gave to me. Ruby the Staffordshire terroir loves peeled apples! She will do just about any trick if you tempt her with little slices of skinless Fuji or Gala.


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