Workout Buddies


Well, I don’t know about you, Lola, but I sure have been workin’ up a sweat with Zoe!

It doesn’t look like you were doing much of the actual workout, Sasha.

Oh, really? As opposed to you, Lola? I haven’t seen you as much as twitch your tail all day!


You’re kind of a hypocrite, Lola…

Oh, don’t you worry, Sasha, I’m not critical of hippos. But what do hippos have to do with this?

Never mind…


There are more than 180 earthworm species in the U.S. and Canada.- Of these, 60 are invasive species, brought over from the Old World.



10 thoughts on “Workout Buddies

  1. What a sweet video of the two of you. Zoe I didn’t know you exercise at home! Awesome. Nym also helps me when i work out. She moves around the mat and critiques my form. My feline personal trainer. XOX Auntie KE$HA

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  2. Hey that exersize video is cool.
    Impressive that you can stay so cool and relaxed when Zoe is tossing around you. You must think that what she does is her business and what you do is your. By the way, watch Jims cat på Facebook 😜

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