Cat House Masters


This week we have been SO generous!

Care to elaborate a little for our readers, Sasha?

Well, to just mention one extremely generous thing we did this week, we let Zoe and her friend Giovanna make a cat house for, yes, another cat. To be specific, they made it for a tiny gray and white kitten named Hugo who lives in Giovanna’s neighbor’s house.

That’s right! That’s just how nice we are. It was worth the sacrifice when we saw the pictures and videos of how much Hugo ended up loving it!

Here are some pictures and a video of the completed palace before they surprised the kitten with it:


You can see Giovanna’s cat, Totoro, also being generous as he helps the girls by giving it a test run:

Hugo especially liked the “get-away clear room”. Because he could get away from the dog, Rosie, but still see and interact with her:





High five Sasha! We just made the world a better place!


The last common ancestor of dogs and cats lived about 42 million years ago.



4 thoughts on “Cat House Masters

  1. Lola and Sasha, you are not only generous but excellent coaches. You have really taught Zoe how to create a palace that is a cat worthy. And taught her to pay attention to details, that make the palace outstanding.
    High paws

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